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Scope of Practice: Recomp vs ASCA vs Fitness Australia

which pt scope of practice? Recomp, ASCA and Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia each have a distinctly different scope of practice defining what a personal trainer can do and what their insurance covers. In broad terms: The Recomp Scope of Practice

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quantum performance score rules

quantum performance calculator rules

about the quantum performance score The Quantum Performance Calculator is designed to fairly compare the strength performance of people of different sizes. It is designed to measure and award the physical performance improvement that results from body composition improvement. the lifts The free

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about recomp certification

Recomp Certification adds nutrition coverage to the Recomp insurance of Recomp Registered Personal Trainers and separates them further from the disreputable fitness industry masses. Certification is rapid, inexpensive and unobtrusive. It is awarded for passing 3 simple, relevant tests to
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recomp personal trainer insurance

insurance trainers need Recomp insurance covers coaching both the general public and athletes, with heavy weight training, bodybuilding, powerlifting and even prescribing the sports nutrition essential to body recomposition. It is the coverage that most Personal Trainers do not realise
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body recomposition test

recomposition test Personal Trainers wanting Recomp Certification must prove they can manipulate body composition beyond fitness by passing a body recomposition test. The recomposition test involves the Trainer dieting and training to achieve significant body recomposition improvement on themselves in just 8 weeks. The recomposition test

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Recomp ISSN Nutritionist

recomp certification: issn nutritionist exam

sports nutritionist certification The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) officially certifies the Worlds best Sports Nutrition experts, at the cutting edge of Sports Science. ISSN Certification forms the Nutrition requirement of Recomp Certification. It is the only insurable nutrition certification* in Australia short

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Recomp Personal Trainer Certification Strength Test

recomp certification: strength test

strength assessment The Strength Test element of Recomp Certification is to prove a Personal Trainer possesses exceptional weight training capability. A Personal Trainer must demonstrate their strength capability on the barbell squat, bench press and deadlift to an authorised Recomp Official.

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