recomp pt registration

bodybuilding personal trainer registration & insurance

fitness registration & insurance does not allow personal trainers to coach bodybuilding, powerlifting or serious weight training. recomp personal trainer registration and insurance does.

1. register

any pt with cert 4 fitness or asca can register to coach body recomposition

2. insure

get insured for bodybuilding coaching that fitness insurance excludes

3. certify

only 3 tests for experienced pts to certify for pt insurance covering diets

reason to register

registration is all about insurance. organisations like recomp (peak bodies) define what insurance covers.

personal trainers can get fitness insurance without registration. but bodybuilding training & diet is excluded. to coach the public & athletes with heavy weights, pt’s need recomp registration for valid insurance.

beyond fitness

fitness is about preventing illness from inactivity; not creating good bodies.

recomp is about creating lean, muscular bodies; not preventing disease.

fitness registration is for instructing aerobics, yoga, pilates, cardio, boot camps & group fitness. recomp registration is for coaching bodybuilding.

compare the scopes of practice to decide which is for you:

no more cec courses

we care greatly that personal trainers are competent & developing. therefore, we assess competence; not how much is spent on courses.

with recomp, there are no requirements or limits on learning options. successful education results in assessable competence which we reward with recomp certification.

simple process

any coach/personal trainer with cert 4 fitness or asca 1 can register here, online:

  1. click the button below to register from just $120/yr

  2. download, complete & return the insurance application ($350/yr)

  3. complete the free recomp basics course online

  4. fill in your details for your free listing in the recomp trainer directory