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beyond fitness & health

recomp heads the body recomposition industry. for people who want to be leaner and/or more muscular, we bridge the gap between fitness mediocrity and sport-specific conditioning.

from fat loss and weight loss to toning to competitive bodybuilding, recomp is every kind of body transformation.

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recomp hq diet & training plans

recomp hq sets new standards in body recomposition diets, training programs, coaching, medical services & gym. if you are serious about fat loss or muscle gain, we are the solution to the mediocrity of personal training, fitness centres, dieticians and health practitioners.

recomp: certification

recomp replaces fitness australia for registration & insurance of personal trainers working in gyms using bodybuilding style weight training, nutrition & contest preparation. take your career beyond fitness.

Recomp Elite Personal Trainer Certification

medical optimisation

recomp medical doctors can prescribe anti-aging treatments (hrt) to restore, rejuvenate & optimise body, mind and sexual performance as you age

melbourne’s best gym

recomp hq offers an entirely new concept in gym: a private facility solely for clients on our programs. 24/7 access. incredible recomp series equipment. no members to compete with.