quantum recomposition calculator

quantum recomposition score

the quantum recomposition calculator measures the significance of improvement in body composition. use the form below to calculate the 8-week body composition improvement required for recomp certification

2000+: recomp trainer
3000+: recomp coach
5000+: recomp specialist

note: starting bodyfat for eligibility for the recomposition assessment is below 15% for males and below 20% for females

how to get assessed

recomp registered personal trainers must choose a recomp certified specialist (or dexa clinic) to measure their body composition at the start and end of any 8-week period. find your local recomp certified specialist here.

note: the test results must be sent to recomp, by the measurer, immediately. past test results are not accepted. recomp certified coaches and trainers are not authorised to take assessment measurements.

quantum recomposition calculator