body recomposition test

recomposition test

Personal Trainers wanting Recomp Certification must prove they can manipulate body composition beyond fitness by passing a body recomposition test. The recomposition test involves the Trainer dieting and training to achieve significant body recomposition improvement on themselves in just 8 weeks.

The recomposition test is not a weight loss or fat loss test. Any kind of improvement in body composition can be chosen, including muscle gain without fat loss. The improvement is scored using our proprietary Quantum Recomposition Score:

quantum recomposition score

We invented the Quantum Recomposition Score to enable fair comparison of different body composition improvements between people of different starting body compositions. Regardless whether you are training to gain muscle, drop fat, or a bit of both, the Quantum Recomposition equation impartially scores your improvement.

Points are awarded for gaining muscle. And points are awarded for losing fat.

Points are subtracted for losing muscle. And points are subtracted for gaining fat.

When muscle is gained while concurrently losing fat, the points add together for a high quantum recomposition score. But if a person loses muscle while losing fat (typical ‘weight loss’ approach), or gains fat while gaining muscle (typical ‘bulk up’ approach), then the negatives subtract from the positives leading to a lower (or negative) quantum recomposition score.

The Quantum Recomposition Score recognises that that as a person gets leaner and more muscular, further improvements become more difficult. So the algorithm awards exponentially more points for changes in people with higher starting muscle mass and lower starting bodyfat.

The Quantum Recomposition Calculator can be found here…

how to get assessed

Before undertaking the 8-week recomposition test, a Personal Trainer must have first registered with Recomp. You should also meet the 2 year minimum experience requirement for Certification, and should have passed the Strength Test (though you are not required to have done so).


  • contact the most suitable Recomp Certified Specialist, or a DEXA laboratory (being sure to request the NON-NHANES calibration) to perform your body composition tests
  • Males must measure below 13% bodyfat*, and females below 20% bodyfat*, to be eligible to start the recomposition test*
  • You must use the same Recomp Certified Specialist (or DEXA laboratory), using the exact same measuring device, to conduct both the start and end tests. Results from different testers or devices will not be accepted.
  • The tester must send your test results to Recomp immediately after each test is completed, via email or fax (03 8677 9456). Past test results will not be accepted.
  • You must achieve the required positive change in body composition over a single 8-week block of time.
  • You can fail or restart the test infinite times.
  • Your finishing test must occur on the 56th day of the assessment – ie the 8 week anniversary of starting – or penalties are applied. If unavoidable, a longer assessment period is vastly preferable to a shorter assessment.
    • If you get retested before the 56th day (eg day 55, 54, 53 etc), your score will be penalised by 10% for each day that you are early (eg 20% penalty for getting tested 2 days early, on day 54).
    • If you get tested after the 56th day, the required score to pass will be increased proportionally. For example, if you get tested on day 70 – 25% longer than 56 days – the 3000 points required for the Coach level of certification will increase by 25% to 3750. (70/56 = 1.25 x 3000 = 3750).
  • You may not utilise any third-party advice or assistance for the assessment. Doing so will nullify your assessment. If it is later discovered that advice or assistance was applied during your assessment, your Certification may be revoked.
  • Contact us if you have any questions before undertaking the assessment.

* to undergo recomposition assessment, subjects must measure better than ‘fitness’ by being within (or below) the ‘athlete’ bodyfat range of the American Council on Exercise, according to DEXA (non-NHANES calibration) or the 3-site skinfold test used in Recomposer (average of Siri and Brozek equations) which we have independently verified against DEXA (sample group of 50 participants).

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