recomp personal trainer registration

Personal Trainers registered with Fitness Australia are not insured for the bodybuilding style of weight training needed to transform their clients. Recomp Personal Trainer registration is the solution!

how to register

Any qualified Personal Trainer can register with Recomp and then get Recomp insurance to cover the serious weight training not covered by fitness professional insurance. Simply:

  1. Have Cert 4 in Fitness (or ASCA level 1)
  2. Register with Recomp here ($120)
  3. Complete the insurance application we send you and return to AJG

Note: you do NOT need Recomp Certification to register and insure.

why to get recomp registered

Almost all PT’s and gyms registered with Fitness Australia do not realise their insurance is void for a lot of the weight training they do!

Recomp registration is for all Personal Trainers who work in a weights gym because Fitness Australia does not cover your activities.

Weight training for muscle gain, fat loss, bodybuilding and/or powerlifting are all outside of the Fitness Australia Scope of Practice for Fitness Professionals and not covered by fitness insurance. These practices are the domain of Recomp.

Recomp registration offers:

  1. access to insurance covering serious weight training for both the general public and athletes
  2. an end to CEC courses and threats of Cert 4 expiry

fitness registration deception

Insurance partners of Fitness Australia (Guild and Marsh) explicitly exclude bodybuilding and powerlifting style training from Personal Trainer coverage. This includes coaching of clients with no intention of competing. Recomp Insurance does cover these practices.

Bodybuilding, powerlifting and other forms of serious body recomposition strength training are outside the Fitness industry Personal Trainer scope of practice. They are correctly considered ‘sports coaching’ and therefore not the domain of Fitness Professionals.

Training for body recomposition (including Bodybuilding and Powerlifting competition) is the domain of Recomp; the peak body for the Body Recomposition Industry. Our scope of practice covers training and nutrition, of both athletes and the general public, for fitness and body recomposition right through to bodybuilding and powerlifting competition.

about recomp registration

Any qualified Strength Coach or Personal Trainer (with Cert 4 in Fitness or ASCA Level 1+) can register with Recomp to offer serious body recomposition weight training in gyms, coaching the general public and athletes with weights with full insurance; the insurance not available to PT’s registered and insured with Fitness Australia. (NOTE:

  • Recomp Registration is a valid, more appropriate alternative to Fitness Australia Registration for PT’s who coach clients with weights
  • Insurance through Recomp’s partner, AJG, specifically includes bodybuilding and powerlifting training with both athletes and the general public
  • Recomp does not require CEC points from courses to maintain registration
  • Recomp registration is only $120/year
  • Recomp Certification is NOT necessary for Registration

Exceptional Personal Trainers who specialise in body recomposition and meet further standards may be eligible for Recomp Certification for full nutrition insurance and use of the Recomposer Software.

enquire about recomp registration

For more information about recomp registration please call us on 03 8510 9836 or contact us via email here…Otherwise click the button below to register online now

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