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important note: recomp is not for getting a recomposer software account. recomp is for personal trainer insurance that covers weight training. recomp is for all australian pt’s who coach bodybuilding weight training (and diets), because fitness pt insurance does not cover it.

recomposer is software for coaches to create diet and training programs. to get a coaching account, a coach must have appropriate professional insurance. the only appropriate insurance in australia is through recomp. this is the only link between recomp and recomposer.

about the recomposer software

Recomposer is specialised software for measuring, planning, building, delivering and tracking diets and training programs for body composition. It is an online, cloud-based system, accessed via web browser on any device, so clients and coaches can be anywhere in the world.  Coaches pay fees only for the number of clients they have actively using the system.

the link between recomp & recomposer

Despite tremendous confusion and misinformation on Social Media, Recomp has nothing to do with Recomposer. Recomp is for all PTs who want to coach bodybuilding/recomposition.

The Recomposer software, on the other hand, is available only to PT’s who are qualified and (can be) insured to provide a body recomposition service. The only way for an Australian PT to meet this criteria is with Recomp Registration and Certification. Hence, for a PT to access Recomposer, they must show they are eligible for Recomp Certification (ie be registered, insured, have more than 2 years experience and be capable of passing the strength test).

Recomp insurance is necessary for all coaches of bodybuilding/recomposition in Australia, including – but not exclusive to – coaches using the Recomposer software. This is the link between Recomp and Recomposer.

recomposer training
assign custom programs to clients with 1 click. all weights automatically calibrated.
recomposer program builder
build any program. prescribe any exercise; weights and/or rep scheme.
recomposer diet
rapidly build any diet. use any foods. automatically track against body composition
recomposer body recomposition
measure body composition. plan changes. track everything automatically

why get recomposer training?

To use Recomposer, obviously a PT will need to be taught how it works.

All Coaches who pass the Recomp Certification assessments can get Recomposer training for free. There is no fee for having a Recomposer account, and no requirement, obligation or expectation for you to use the system.

Recomp prefers to use Recomposer to get documentary evidence of Recomp Method learning, required by the insurance company. But a trainer can send in other evidence if they are opposed to seeing Recomposer.

Once Recomposer software training has been completed, you are able to use the Recomposer software commercially.

eligibility for recomposer training

Recomposer training is only available to PTs who are (or can be) appropriately insured for prescribing hardcore bodybuilding/recomposition weight training, and sports nutrition/diets. Regular Fitness PT insurance absolutely does not cover anything that Recomposer is for. The only appropriate PT insurance in Australia requires Recomp Certification. Therefore, to be eligible for Recomposer you must meet the initial requirements for Recomp Certification:

  1. >2 years experience personal training as your primary occupation
  2. registered with Recomp
  3. passed the strength test

delivery of recomposer training

Training is done via Skype screen-sharing, from the comfort of your home or office, anywhere in Australia with a good broadband internet connection. It takes approximately 2 hours. You will be walked through setting yourself up as a client on the software, setting a body composition goal and creating a diet and training program.

booking your recomposer training?

Please contact us to book Recomposer training after completing the pre-requisites above.

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