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Recomp insurance covers coaching both the general public and athletes, with heavy weight training, bodybuilding, powerlifting and even prescribing the sports nutrition essential to body recomposition. It is the coverage that most Personal Trainers do not realise they do not have!

Personal Trainers insured with Guild or Marsh insurance (or others) are not covered for coaching clients in intense weight training, bodybuilding or powerlifting, nor writing diets or providing sports nutrition advice. Fitness Australia has defined these practices (and all sports coaching) as outside of the Fitness Professional’s Scope of Practice.

It is appropriate that fitness insurance does not cover body recomposition training because fitness is a health service for sick people; not a service for healthy people to develop athletic bodies or capabilities.

Recomp is the relevant registration body for PT’s and Strength Coaches to insure through to provide the training and nutrition to successfully manipulate body composition. Recomp registration replaces Fitness Australia registration and dispenses with the need for CEC points forever.

nutrition insurance

Through Recomp, experienced Personal Trainers and Coaches (>2yrs) who pass 3 simple assessments for Recomp Certification increase the Recomp insurance coverage to include prescribing sports nutrition diets. Its another critical capability for body recomposition that is unavailable to Personal Trainers in the fitness industry.

how to get insured

Any qualified Personal Trainer (with Certificate 4 in Fitness or ASCA Level 1) is eligible for body recomposition insurance covering serious weight training coaching (including bodybuilding and powerlifting training) of both the general public and athletes. Simply:

  1. have Certificate 4 in Fitness OR ASCA Level 1 Strength Coach
  2. Register with Recomp

how to add nutrition coverage

Experience PT’s (>2 years with PTing as the primary occupation) who pass the 3 assessments for Recomp Certification add full sports nutrition coverage to the base body recomposition coaching insurance:

  1. Pass the Strength Test
  2. Complete the Recomposer training (2 hours)
  3. Pass the 8-week Recomposition Test
  4. Join the ISSN and pass the ISSN exam

(Note that further requirements need to be met for full Recomp Certification).

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