about recomp certification

Recomp Certification adds nutrition coverage to the Recomp insurance of Recomp Registered Personal Trainers and separates them further from the disreputable fitness industry masses.

Certification is rapid, inexpensive and unobtrusive. It is awarded for passing 3 simple, relevant tests to prove excellence. And it is only available to experienced PT’s who walk-the-talk and specialise exclusively in body recomposition diet and training!

benefits of recomp certification

Recomp Certification results in:

  • adding full nutrition coverage to the Recomp insurance
  • Australia’s only complete insurance for bodybuilding contest preparation
  • formal differentiation of exceptional coaches above the disreputable masses of Personal Trainers in Fitness
  • a full page promoting your services and location in the Recomp Directory

eligibility criteria

Recomp Certification is not awarded for sitting a course. It is only available to experienced Personal Trainers who can prove their existing competence at lifting weights and applying sports nutrition to manipulate body composition. You must:

  • have 2+ years experience coaching clients with weights (5+ years for Specialist certification)
  • solely offer a body recomposition service (based on weight training and sport nutrition)
  • be registered with Recomp

how to get certified

Experienced Personal Trainers only need pass 3 simple tests:

certification levels

There are 3 levels of Recomp Certification

  1. Recomp Trainer: an excellent personal trainer with >2 years experience training in the gym for body recomposition. Qualified to train clients* in the gym for body recomposition**.
  2. Recomp Coach: an exceptional personal trainer with >3 years experience in training and dieting for body recomposition. Qualified to train and diet clients* for body recomposition**.
  3. Recomp Specialist: a body recomposition guru with >5 years extensive experience and expertise in body recompositioning at all levels. Qualified to train and assess personal trainers for Recomp Certification, mentor Recomp Trainers and Coaches, and also train and diet clients* for body recomposition**. Greater focus on diet and training programming and consulting than client coaching.

* unlike fitness professionals or strength coaches, ‘clients’ includes both athletes and members of the public
** ‘body recomposition’ includes bodybuilding and powerlifting competition preparation all the way through to general fitness.

steps to recomp certification

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