recomp: personal training, beyond fitness

rise above the fitness industry

with recomp registration, body transformation pt’s say goodbye to fitness australia and cec courses forever.

with recomp insurance, you are insured for the intense bodybuilding-style weight training coaching that fitness insurance does not cover.

and pass just 3 simple tests for recomp certification & full nutrition & comp prep insurance.


any cert 4 pt can register as a recomp body recomposition professional


insurance for the serious weight training fit pros are not covered for


just 3 tests for experienced pts to certify for full nutrition insurance

relevant registration

fitness is a health service for sick people. hence, heavy weight training is out of a fitness professional’s scope of practice & excluded from insurance. recomp registration & insurance is for all coaches of bodybuilding style weight training. recomp certification elevates exceptional personal trainers with full nutrition insurance

nutrition insurance

Recomp ISSN Nutritionist

recomp certified trainers are also issn certified sports nutritionists. so recomp specialist insurance includes coverage for prescribing sports nutrition diets; the essential insurance unavailable to personal trainers.

recomposer software

recomposer is the worlds most sophisticated body recomposition software. it allows a recomposition specialist to deliver a diet & training service vastly superior to anything done by the fitness industry. and it is available exclusively to recomp trainers

recomp business planning

no more courses

recomp registered

the most effective professional development occurs on the job; not in a classroom. so with recomp, registration is maintained by doing the job; not doing irrelevant courses for cec points.

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