recomp certification

certified for bodybuilding diet & training

recomp certification adds nutrition to recomp personal trainer insurance. it creates the only full bodybuilding service scope & insurance available to personal trainers in australia

not another system

recomp certification is not a training and/or nutrition system. it is certifying that a coach is experienced & competent in effective training & diet for body recomposition.

recomp pt’s may use any (science based) training and/or diet approach that they have been taught (eg poliquin or metabolic precision) or self-developed protocols based on experience.

no course

there is no course to become recomp certified. it is awarded only to trainers who prove their competence & experience.

there are just 3 tests to pass:
1) strength test
2) recomposition test
3) issn nutrition exam

recomp certification can only be earned; not bought. only personal trainers with over 2 years full-time experience can apply.

nutrition insurance

recomp partnered with the international society of sports nutrition (issn) to add bodybuilding sports nutrition to the recomp personal trainer insurance coverage, at no extra cost.

the combined recomp & issn certifications are the only way australian personal trainers can attain full bodybuilding diet & training coverage, for coaching athletes for competition and the public for recreation.