recomp certification: issn nutritionist exam

issn sports nutritionist certification

The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) officially certifies the Worlds best Sports Nutrition experts, at the cutting edge of Sports Science.

ISSN Certification forms the Nutrition requirement of Recomp Certification. It is the only insurable nutrition certification* in Australia short of a degree; but only as a part of Recomp Certification.

Note: in of itself, the ISSN certification is not insurable or recognised by insurers. Experienced PT’s who achieve Recomp Certification and ISSN certification are covered for prescribing diets as part of body recomposition specialist insurance.

no course. no novices

Recomp and the ISSN do not run ‘courses’ or teach basics to novices! Our certifications exist to formally recognise the exceptional knowledge and ability of experienced Nutritionists and Coaches. In the case of the ISSN, certification is awarded for achieving at least 70% in an exam.

how to get issn certified

  1. become a professional member of the ISSN here
  2. study the ISSN Position Stands plus the relevant sections of the ISSN textbook(s).
  3. pay and sit the Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) Exam online here
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