recomp certification: strength test

strength assessment

The Strength Test element of Recomp Certification is to prove a Personal Trainer possesses exceptional weight training capability.

A Personal Trainer must demonstrate their strength capability on the barbell squat, bench press and deadlift to an authorised Recomp Official. The Trainer is assessed on the calculated 1-rep-maximum performance they can achieve. The combined performances must achieve:

quantum performance score

We invented the Quantum Performance Score to make a fair assessment of strength ability among Coaches of different heights and weights. The  Quantum Performance Calculator can be found here.

how to get assessed

The Strength Test must be officially witnessed and recorded by a Recomp Certified Specialist. Alternatively, results of an eligible, sanctioned, raw powerlifting competition can be used (regardless of when they were set).*

Your nearest Recomp Certified Specialist (or authorised assessor) can be found in here… 

* competitions will only be recognised if National Records were/are able to be officially set and results are published publicly. Competition must be sanctioned by an organisation affiliated with a recognised, international Powerlifting organisation such as the IPF, WPC or GPC. Penalties for wraps and equipment apply as per the Quantum Performance asssessment rules. If the class entered allowed wraps or equipment, it will be assumed they were used.

strength test relevance

Strength is the only performance metric that relates directly to muscle mass and therefore body composition. To effectively teach clients the kind of serious strength training necessary for significant body recomposition, a Coach must be an accomplished strength athlete themselves! Knowing the theory but being incapable of applying it is unacceptable for Recomp Certification.

The 3 powerlifts – the barbell squat, bench press and deadlift – are the 3 most basic, fundamental weight training exercises. They are also the most relevant measure of strength performance for body recomposition training. Most Cert 4 Fitness qualified Personal Trainers cannot properly perform these lifts; let alone teach them or lift considerable weight on them. Recomp Certification requires a Trainer to prove they have above-average lifting ability by achieving at least a level 5 out of 10 on the Quantum Performance Score.

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