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optimal testosterone, growth hormone, estrogen and thyroid hormones are the key to maintaining optimal body and mind as we age. recomp medical specialises in anti-aging hormone optimisation

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hormone therapies


The cornerstone of mental, physical and physiological rejuvenation.


The vital hormone at the heart of male and female health & performance.


Proper regulation of body repair, energy & metabolism.


dhea, melatonin, leptin-mimetics, estrogen control & more

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doctors help sick people return to their lowest disease-free state. recomp helps people look, function and feel their very best, for life.

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hrt faq

q: what is the process for getting hormone therapy?
  1. You tell us what issues you wish to address
  2. We refer you for a blood test at the nearest of our partner pathology labs (all around the country).
  3. Our Hormone Therapy Consultant explains your results and treatment options.
  4. Our Specialist prescribes treatment and sends the prescription to the pharmacy
  5. You purchase your medications from the pharmacy at normal discount pharmacy prices
  6. After 4 weeks you get another blood test to measure the treatment suitability
  7. We discuss your results and continue, adjust or discontinue treatment accordingly
q: how do i know if i have a hormone imbalance or am eligible for therapy?

With a blood test. The typical symptoms (including lethargy, low libido, depression, body-fat gain, muscle loss, difficulty sleeping, fatigue etc) may not be due to hormone insufficiencies. Alternative tests, such as saliva testing or skinfold measurements, are notoriously inaccurate. At Recomp Medical all treatments are based on proper measurement of hormone levels through comprehensive blood tests.

q: what are the costs associated with your service?

We charge $100 for the initial pathology referral and consultation to discuss your levels and treatment options. The initial full blood test is no longer covered by medicare and so costs $200-$250.
It is then $100 to proceed with the treatment prescription, plus $140 for another blood test at week 4 to assess the treatment. Then its $99 per month for continued treatment including prescriptions, referrals and consultations (plus blood test costs). Medications are purchased from a pharmacy at normal pharmacy prices.

q: i cannot get to melbourne to see you. can you treat patients interstate?

Yes! The process is exactly the same (see above). We just need a copy of photo identification. We mail you the pathology referrals and you can get your blood tests done by your local pathology lab. And can then consult via Skype and telephone. And the pharmacy can send medications anywhere in Australia.

q: other doctors say most people don’t need hormone therapy. so why do it?

It is true that you probably do not NEED hormone therapy to live a ‘normal’ life. But that does not mean your life won’t benefit tremendously from it. Remember, a ‘normal’ life includes a predictable decline in energy, strength, body composition, sexual performance, motivation and overall health starting in your 30′s. This decline typically progresses into chronic disease by your 70′s. Ultimately, the ‘normal’ life end for the majority of Australians (>70%) is dying of an avoidable ‘lifestyle’ disease such as heart disease or diabetes.
Hormone therapy can help prevent the ‘normal’ decline in health and performance that comes with age and help you maintain a higher quality of life for longer. But if you do not care about being the best you can be then you do not ‘need’ it.

q: i’m 20 years old and i’d like to use steroids and peptides to get ‘jacked’. can you hook me up?

No. Recomp Medical is a legitimate medical service for people suffering the age-related declines in physiology. We restore sub-optimal hormone levels to their ideal, normal level using approved medications according to protocols established by Specialists. We do not prescribe hormones to healthy, young people.

q: can you help me use hormones to cheat in sports?

No. As a competitive athlete it is your responsibility to abide by the rules in competitive sport. As a patient, if you are eligible for hormone therapy then it is your choice to undertake treatment. We do not condone the undisclosed use of treatment in violation of the rules of sport. However we will happily validate the legitimacy of your treatment, in writing, as required by any authorities.

q: do you treat women?

Not really. Recomp Medical is focussed on optimising male physiology. The treatment options for women are limited in scope and impact.

q: are you a clinic that charges exorbitant prices for drugs?

No. Unlike most anti-aging clinics, we do not sell medications at all. Instead of charging a hefty markup on pharmaceuticals, we simply charge for our service. You purchase your prescriptions from the Pharmacy at normal discount pharmacy prices.

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