recomp certification

fast-track course

it is not necessary to attend our course to get recomp certified. experienced pt's just need to pass the assessments.

the recomp certification course is a one-day course for experienced pt's to fast-track the recomp certification assessments. benefits include:

• become a certified nutritionist with the issn

• legally diet & coach clients for bodybuilding

• full nutrition & coaching insurance

• say goodbye to fitness australia & cec courses

about certification...
* pre-requisites of recomp certification are: cert 4 in fitness; minimum 2 years personal training full time; & sole service is body recomposition

course schedule


introduction to body recomposition

An overview and insight into the legal, functional and philosophical differences between the fitness, sport and recomp industries. Participants will understand:

  • the difference between fitness, sport & recomp
  • the true insurance coverage in the fitness, sport & recomp industries
  • how to justify non-fitness industry registration with gym managers

recomp method & recomposer software

A full explanation of the professional practice of body recompositioning. Participants will understand:

  • the essential elements of professional body recompositioning practice
  • how to deliver a professional body recomposition service
  • how and why body recompositioning is not part of fitness
  • how to use the Recomposer software



nutrition & the issn exam

A high-level overview of nutrition for body recomposition followed by an insight into the ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist exam. Participants will learn:

  • how nutrition fits into the recomp framework
  • who the ISSN are and how the ISSN exams work
  • the topics and nature of questions in the ISSN Exam
  • how to study for the ISSN Exam

Participants will also enjoy an ~80% discount on the online exam. Valued at $US492 (over $AU600).


training & the strength test

A high-level overview of planning and measuring training for body recomposition followed by an insight into the strength test. Participants will learn:

  • how training fits into the recomp framework
  • the strength connection & the recomposer software
  • how to measure training progress



strength test

Participants will be taught the squat, bench and deadlift technique upon which the Recomposer strength calculations are based. They will then be invited to test themselves for a maximum attempt (either 1RM or for reps) on each of the 3 lifts.


the end... and start

Participants will (optionally) have their body composition measured to start their 8 week Recomposition assessment.

Participants will also need to sit and pass the ISSN exam online at their convenience to achieve full Recomp Certification and enjoy the Recomp insurance upgrade to covering nutrition.

bonus: 80% off issn exam

just $us129 to course participants

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5th nov

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basement, 51 queen st
melbourne 3000

29th oct

genesis windsor
142 Newmarket Road
windsor 4030

recomp course faq

How much does the course cost and what do I get?

The course costs $395. On top of the day of learning you get about $750+ worth of direct value:

  • ~80% discount off the ISSN exam (saving over $au600)
  • assessed strength test normally costing $50-$100
  • recomposer training normally costing $100
I'm already an awesome PT. Why would I want to do your course?

Recomp Certification is the only way for Australian PT's to have the fully insured capability to coach and diet both the public and athletes for extreme body composition and bodybuilding. PT's registered and insured in the Fitness industry cannot!

No Fitness qualification or certificate changes the fact that fitness is a health service; not an athlete development service. Bodybuilding, strength coaching and sports nutrition are, by definition, not about fitness. In fact, bodybuilding, strength coaching and sports nutrition directly contradicts the goals and recommendations of fitness exercise and the official, Government endorsed Healthy Eating Guidelines.

Recomp Certification is cheap, quick and unobtrusive to experienced PT's. And you only have to prove you walk the walk to get certified.

Instead of doing a degree in Nutrition, Recomp asks you to sit one exam, online.

Instead of spending $1000's and several weekends per year maintaining Nutritionist and PT and Strength Coach education and registrations, Recomp is $120; and no more courses!

Instead of spending $1000's on separate insurance policies for nutrition, fitness and strength coaching, Recomp combines all 3 for $370.

There is no other way to attain affordable insurance coverage for full nutrition and strength coaching of both the public and athletes, from fitness through to competition.

The Recomp Course is not teaching you how to train, diet or do your job. It is respecting your existing expertise and letting you get on with your job with the benefit of the formal recognition and insurance you cannot get otherwise. The course is simply about how to pass the assessments. And the course is paid for by the savings you get on the ISSN exam and doing the strength assessment on the day!

I'm not an experienced PT. Can I attend this course?

You are absolutely welcome to join and take part in the course and strength test. The content is primarily aimed at experienced PT's. But anybody who attends will learn a completely different perspective of body recompositioning that will change how you look at every fitness message you ever hear again.

Do note that only qualified PT's who have been training people with weights as their primary occupation, for at least 2 years, are eligible for certification (if they meet the other pre-requisites and then pass the 3 assessments. Full details here...). Non-PT's are not eligible for Recomp Certification at all.

I'm a qualified PT but I don't have 2 years experience. Can I do this course?

Absolutely! If you are a PT with less than 2 years experience you are welcome to attend the course. You can also complete the 3 assessments for Recomp Certification. Your Certification will be awarded when you reach your 2 years of experience. The assessments you pass now will still be recognised.

I'm a Poliquin/MP/PN/iNutrition/other Practitioner. I don't want your system. Can I just do the ISSN?

Recomp is not a system. We are the proper representative body for Body Recomposition PT's and Coaches. We certify that you know what you are doing so that you can legally do it!

Recomp registration and certification complements whatever body-transformation/recomposition method or system you successfully use by giving you the legal basis and insurance upon which to practice!

Whether you follow Poliquin, Metabolic Precision, Precision Nutrition, use iNutrition or any similar system or program, you should very seriously consider registering and insuring through Recomp!

I don't think I'll be able to meet the standard in the Strength Test on the day. Is there any point in doing the course?

Definitely you should still do the course! You are under no obligation to do or pass the Strength Test on the day. You can redo the strength test at any time in the future. You can also upgrade your strength test performance at a later date to upgrade your Certification Level. The course will teach you how to get the best score possible on the Strength Test.

I'm not ready to start my 8-week recomposition assessment. Should I do the course?

You are under no obligation to start or complete any of the assessments on the day of the course. Also, if you do not pass an assessment or achieve the standard you want, you can redo it again and again until you pass or are satisfied.

Certification is awarded once all assessments and pre-requisites have been passed. You can do them in any order, at any time. Once you pass an assessment, it is passed forever.

I don't want to use the Recomposer software so why would I want to do this course?

Recomp is often incorrectly mistaken as being the Recomposer software. It is not!

Recomp registration and certification is all about insurance and the proper, legal separation of professional body recompositioning from the fitness industry. There is absolutely no requirement for any Recomp registered or certified person to use any particular system or method, including Recomposer.