Recomp Basics Course

July 01, 2016

Course Objectives

For Recomp insurance to be valid, all PT registrants must complete the following 1-15 minute course

Personal Trainers who join Recomp are registering and insuring to offer a significantly different service to fitness professionals. The Recomp Basics Course explains these differences.

The simple test questions are simply to show that you understand these differences. You have unlimited chances to pass.

Course Structure

The course is divided into 4 sections. Each section has a page of content to read and 5 multi-choice questions to answer. You must answer all questions correctly to proceed to the next section. You have unlimited chances to get each question right.

Module 1 Body Recomposition vs Fitness
Unit 1 1. recomp vs fitness - definition
Module 2 Body Recomposition Industry Basics
Unit 1 2. registration & insurance
Module 3 Body Recomposition Service
Unit 1 3. Body Recomposition Process
Module 4 Body Recomposition vs Fitness Diet and Training
Unit 1 4. recomp vs fitness diet & training

Course Outcome

At the end of the course your Recomp Basics Certificate will be automatically generated for download.

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