michael hemingway

May 24, 2015

Anytime Fitness Caboolture, 1 - 21 Pettigrew Street
Caboolture, QLD 4510

Phone: 0417 785 037

Mick Hemingway Recomp Coach

michael hemingway recomp coach

Mick has been training clients for over 6 years with a constant passion and drive to better his own body’s composition as well as his clients. He is a Recomp Certified Coach and ISSN Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist.

Through competing and succeeding as a natural drug free bodybuilder and understanding the scientifically measured application of nutrition and supplements, he believes Recomp is not just for elite athletes but for those who have elite attitudes towards their training and diet! Through continually growing his knowledge and staying immersed in the latest and most current scientifically backed knowledge out there, alongside an in depth understanding of the psychology of food and how to create long term and sustainable results. Mick understands the importance of not only catering towards an individual’s ideal body composition but also make it adaptable towards their career, relationships, family and lifestyle.