Recomp HQ: "Recomp HQ"

recomp personal trainer registration

Personal Trainers registered with Fitness Australia are not insured for the bodybuilding style of weight training needed to transform their clients. Recomp Personal Trainer registration is the solution! register now how to register Any qualified Personal Trainer can register with Recomp
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Recomp Basics Course

Course Objectives For Recomp insurance to be valid, all PT registrants must complete the following 1-15 minute course Personal Trainers who join Recomp are registering and insuring to offer a significantly different service to fitness professionals. The Recomp Basics Course

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recomposer training

recomposer is specialised body recomposition software. it embodies the purest application of the scientific recomp method. it is available exclusively to personal trainers eligible for Recomp Certification. about the recomposer software Recomposer is an exclusive privilege and benefit of the Recomp
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benson milgate recomp hq transformation

Recomp HQ Client Transformation: Benson Milgate

Benson Milgate added 18kg of muscle to his bodybuilding champion’s physique in 2 years with Recomp HQ to win the New Zealand Grand Prix Super-heavyweight bodybuilding. He achieved his best ever competition condition with zero aerobics while setting training records all
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Ingrid Barclay Recomp

Recomp HQ Client Transformation: Ingrid Barclay

In one year Ingrid achieved her dream of stepping onstage, winning first place, in her best ever condition, still full of food, still eating carbohydrates, never doing a minute of aerobics, and so strong she won a string of Powerlifting titles & records on the lead

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recomp hq training program

recomp hq training programs

custom gym training program Our weight training programs are custom prescription of every weight to lift on every exercise to achieve your muscle and body composition goal. Before we create your gym training program we measure your body composition and do a
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recomp medical hormone therapy

testosterone & growth hormone therapy

  why hormone therapy? As we age the balance of our major hormones shift from making us strong, lean, sexually active and happy towards being weak, fat, sexually dysfunctional and depressed. Unfortunately, the priority of most doctors is for us

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Amy Thompson Recomp Coach

superior coaching to personal training

beyond personal training At Recomp HQ we teach the highest level of training skills for the most rapid, unlimited training and body progress on our programs. Our Coaching service is focussed entirely on teaching you how to train to the

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Recomp Elite 1

private 24/7 clients gym

private not public At Recomp HQ we have 2 fully equipped, private gyms. One is our coaching studio. The other is a private gym for our clients on our programs to train themselves. Our private gym is better than any

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recomp diet

recomp hq diets

custom diet prescription Recomp HQ diets are a precise, custom prescription of every gram of every food to eat to achieve your personal body composition goals. We build your diet in direct consultation with you so that it suits your preferences while meeting

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body recomposition vs fitness

the great fitness deception ‘Health and fitness’ does not mean ‘lean, ‘energetic’, ‘strong’, ‘toned’, ‘muscular’, ‘athletic’ or any of the other positive terms people mistake it for. ‘Health’ is defined in the Oxford dictionary  as: “The state of being free from illness

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